Dear Educator / Counselor:


Congratulations on being part of the Community Drug Education community. Our objective is to empower the future drug-free generations to achieve their full potential. The program you have currently received is a DVD drug prevention education program called the Truth About Drugs and is suitable viewing for grades 7-12;  Note: parts can be also used for grades 4-6.


On Line Access to Videos

1. Go to  and click onto videos to view. (note: you will be receiving your free DVD in the mail soon)


Lesson Plans: PDF accessible on line for download:

1. Go to 


1b. Or --> click onto The Truth about drugs educators guide (PDF) headline on that page.


1c. Booklets, PDF download for printing at your school: this is pre-approved to print as many as you wish


2. Select which lesson plans you'll want to use then either print them off or simply book mark it on your lap top and take it to class with you along with the DVD Truth About Drugs


3. To receive a FULL educators kit with booklets / posters etc.


After using the lesson plans and video:


We would love any feedback on this program. To assist you with this feedback, we've created an online response you can fill out.

After Program Delivery, Online Feedback: Teacher Feedback 2 min

We will email you every quarter for your response. Once you've responded to the survey, you'll be eligible for more programs we deliver in the future.


Thanks for giving drug prevention education to your kids. By deterring just one kid from drug / alcohol abuse, we positively impact a minimum of 20 others whose lives are influenced by that one kid.


Yours in health,


T Anthony Palatinus

(c) 2016 Hab Health Society. Hab Health Society is a Vancouver, BC drug prevention education non-profit informing people about the dangers of drugs and drug abuse.