Community Drug Education Projects

Please contact us for information on any community drug education project, whether you are looking for excellent lesson plan materials, engaging videos, or experienced presenters.

Through our Community Drug Education Program we are seeking to partner with local groups who share our interest in reducing the harms caused to individuals and society by substance abuse.

Partnering with your organization

If you are involved in such a group, whether:

  •  a teacher in a school, 
  • a youth counsellor, 
  • an official in law enforcement, 
  • a justice system sentencing alternatives officer, 
  • an ethnic, cultural or religious group, 
  • a First Nations group,
  • a fraternal organization,
  • a crime reduction organization, or

...any other socially concerned group, please contact us to explore how we may be of assistance to you, your organization, and your constituency, by providing you with Drug Education materials, Study lesson plans, posters, booklets, videos, public service announcements, video presentations, training, or professional drug prevention speakers.

Drug Education Grant Applications

Where needed, we may also support your local community efforts with a financial grant, to fund drug education materials costs, distribution costs, speaker costs, as well as associated costs such as special activities, drug free pledges drives, and so on.

A simple one page grant request describing the scope and activities of your project, the total estimated project costs, and the amount of the grant being requested should prove sufficient for us to assist you with needed funding.

Donations Accepted

For more information, please contact:


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