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Peer Leadership Training Program

Peer leaders are a tremendous resource, and with the proper training are very effective in educating their peers on substance abuse and other subjects.

narconon peer leader drug education training

The Narconon Peer Leader Training was developed as a result of many years experience in the field of drug prevention and the education of young people on alcohol and other drugs.

Students are provided with the skills necessary to become competent leaders amongst their peers and take an active role in combating substance abuse. This includes setting a good example for elementary school children and showing these young people that life is better without drugs. The above is accomplished through a series of exercises and lessons in communication and listening skills, interpersonal relationships and how to relay information on alcohol and other drugs.

The key element of the program is communication skills. The students participate in training exercises that increase their ability to focus attention, confront issues they might otherwise shy away from, develop listening skills, relay a communication effectively and most importantly, raise their confidence level.

These simple, yet extremely effective, exercises require the participants to demonstrate their competence in the relay of information to their peers.

The second segment includes learning skills which cover how to work with people of different age and literacy levels and how to overcome the barriers to communicating information to them.

Each program is specifically designed to the needs of the group, taking into consideration their purpose, goals and activities. Emphasis is placed on creating a more workable group that will remain active in the school and community. The above skills are then applied to the specific theme of the program. Some of the specialized programs available are:

  • Leadership skills and positive role models

  • Conducting effective community projects

  • Alcohol and other drug education

  • Violence prevention

  • Public speaking

  • Peer Counseling

Contact us for more information on the Narconon Peer Training Programs.

Drug Educator Training Workshops

Narconon also provides training workshops for drug educators. These workshops are designed to impart the key methods and tools used in the Narconon program, that educators can utilize in the classroom with their students.

More comprehensive training is also available at the Narconon International Drug Rehab Training Center.

Drugs and Your Family –

1 hour talks with questions and answers by a Drug Prevention Expert, Interventionist and Rehab Consultant

This is an ongoing community powered program for parents, family members and friends who want to find out how to get or keep their kids or family members healthy, happy and drug-free.

These series of talks may be available in your community. We do however, recommend seeing our ongoing teacher assisted prevention program at "School Requests" above.

People move through a variety of emotions regularly throughout the week. Drugs and alcohol hijack these emotions and falsely push them up and down the scale of emotions. We will explain what these emotions are and how to improve ones spirit without drugs.

People who use and set goals, even if they occasionally fail, will succeed far more if they never set goals at all. How does goal achievement relate to ones emotional state and health? How can one stay high toned by driving toward goals? Our prevention materials cover this.

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