Keeping the Leaders of
Tomorrow Safe From Drugs

Why do children decide to use drugs? Why do they sometime rebel so fiercely against authorities?

We've learned early in our research that our kids were driven by a basic purpose to survive better. By this, we mean that they strive to be more popular, more loved, more attractive, or more successful in their passion.

Only, they often lack the knowledge and experience to achieve this success they so often long for. Their solution is to seek answers from their peers, their favorite artist, the advertising they see on a daily basis, their parents and other individuals in their environment.

And here you have a problem. Our children are like clean slates. If you don't fill that slate with true, genuine information, someone else with a hidden agenda will. It's that simple.

  • It could be the beer companies who advertise at an early age that popularity, health, happiness and the most beautiful women and men come with their brand of beer.

  • It could be the Ecstasy dealers who advertise to your children that they will be more attractive to the opposite sex if they tried Ecstasy—and you'd be surprise which companies in our community support these claims, and why they do.

  • It could be the marijuana promoters who advocate that marijuana is healthy to the body and mind. Go tell that to the 1000s of marijuana users who have called us, complaining about their addiction to marijuana and the adverse mental and physical side effects they now experience—and yes, we receive many of these calls.

  • It could be your neighbor's kid who seeks agreement, popularity and friends by getting your children addicted to the same drug he or she is addicted to.

We need to provide our children with real information so they can analyze the false information they are bombarded with on a daily basis and make the right decision—and children have proved that they can make the right decision once they understand the true effects of drugs.

We’ve learned that scare tactics such as, “if you use drugs you will die”, or “if you use drugs you will go to jail” have often proven to be fruitless with kids.  Children are good observers and too often realize that these consequences don’t always come true—that maybe they can avoid these consequences if they are “careful”. 

The advantages that are promoted daily with each drug can be very enticing for a teenager who seeks to be more popular, or more attractive. And peer pressure can be strong enough to convince your children to try drugs; it can lead them to believe that they can reap all the benefits of drugs and avoid the bad effects—death or prison— if they are "careful".

For the past 39 years, Narconon perfected its drug education delivery to ensure that our message regarding the truth about drugs did come across to kids of all ages.

We give children real understanding regarding the effects of drugs so they can make the right decision when they are presented with drugs and no adults are around.

There are not enough Narconon Drug Educators to reach every kid in Canada, so we have created a series of videos that will effectively help you in educating your children about the long-term effects of drugs. 

These videos tell your children exactly what they need to hear so they understand never to abuse drugs.

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