Teacher Testimonials
Drug Education DVD Programs

"Thank you for the ready to go resource on drug education. The students were focused and taken in with the up to date images and powerful messages that were in the PSAs and the Documentaries. 11/6/2012 Teacher

I really like the fact that they had people who really did drugs talking to the youth about their experience 11/6/2012 

Up to date information, kids can relate, opens their eyes to the risks 11/6/2012
My students were impressed with the personal stories and in depth look at each type of drug. 1/6/2012 

It is always helpful as a school counsellor to have engaging resources that are ready to deliver to students and thereby help me make the most out of my busy schedule. 1/6/2012 School Counselor 

Very well received by students. Amazing how this dvd allowed students to open up about drugs in our discussions. 28/5/2012 Teacher

I found that the students genuinely related to the individuals who shared their stories on the DVD and were shocked by their addictions/struggles at such young ages. 26/5/2012
Eye opener for students! 25/5/2012 

Very great program, visually appealing and maintains student interest. 24/5/2012 

The students and I were very grateful to view this film. The characters in the film were compelling and convincing. It was well worth a watch. 24/5/2012 Teacher

Captivating, held the attention of all students, well done! 24/5/2012 

Covers everything, needs more from younger users, too long for each testimonial 24/5/2012 

Great video by staff and student response. 24/5/2012"

The above responses came from Canadian educators responding to an online feedback form. Each educator reviewed and played content to students as part of their classroom drug prevention education curriculum. Reading the responses give other teachers and educators opportunity to assess potential value of the DVD resources for their students.

These DVD, lesson plan and booklet resources were shown to middle and high school students.

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