Free Drug Education DVD for Middle / Secondary Schools, Counselors, Teachers

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An Awarded Drug Prevention DVD Program


   Teachers, Counselors, Principals, PE Dept. Heads:          FALL 2016

What it is: Free DVD includes 12 different drug education programs on 1 DVD + lessons online


*"My Planning 10 teacher loves the resource", MR, Curriculum Coordinator BC

Curriculum advisors, Teachers & Counselors APPROVE  this DVD+Lesson Plans


Taken from Online Feedback:

*"It is always helpful as a school counselor to have engaging resources that are ready to deliver to students and thereby help me make the most out of my busy schedule." School Counselor, June'12

*"The students and I were very grateful to view this film. The characters in the film were compelling and convincing. It was well worth a watch." Teacher, ON

*"Very well received by students. Amazing how this dvd allowed students to open up about drugs in our discussions." Teacher, June 2012


YES Free: Teacher's Lesson Plans & The Truth About Drugs DVD

awarded DVD EXPOSing Dangers of 12 most abused drugs & alcohol


*"YES I received the DVD and think it is a wonderful resource! Thank-you!" SM, BC teacher


Lesson Plans & FREE Award Winning DVD have been set aside for your school.

Grades 6 – 12; grades 4 - 6. sponsors paid for DVDs.     

No charge to you!  Now; in this one DVD, topics include: Ecstasy, Marijuana, Alcohol, meth, cocaine, crack, Rx pills, inhalants, heroin, Ritalin, etc


** This is a fully confidential (anonymity protected) educational program sponsored by Canadian non-profit and charitable organizations dedicated to assisting students achieve their full potential through supporting education **

*We ask that you rate the program anonymously online after showing to students. Your feedback advances the program for other teachers to use and will help us offer more and better resources for YOU. A newsletter will be sent out every quarter as a reminder.

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Community Drug Education Programs

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