Community Drug Education 

for Canadian Schools

Community Drug Education prevention programs Mission: 

"Supporting learning communities by providing Canada's schools with effective drug prevention educational resources. We promote and send out evidenced based drug prevention education programs (DVDs and lesson plans) to your community, anywhere you live in Canada or areas you wish to help."

We are committed to putting effective drug education programs into your Community. We welcome and encourage teachers, schools, community centers, local partnerships and associations to ask us for prevention education resources.  Our goal is to help educators and students foster learning environments. These prevention programs effectively educate our communities of young people about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and encourage healthy choices.

This community drug education program welcomes local partnerships and associations to work with us and effectively educate our communities about drugs. We welcome other non-profits to provide us resources to disseminate throughout all Canadian schools.

We provide the best engaging interactive presentation programs, effective printed materials, powerful Public Service Announcements, award winning films, and tested lesson plans to any group helping reduce the harm from drugs in it's community.

Today, we are proud to say we are getting excellent responses from students, teachers and counsellors regarding our DVD programs and live drug prevention education talks. 

The DVD programs we send out are an initiative of Drug Free World. These programs are being used and incorporated by over 1,000 organizations, law enforcement and government agencies in over 180 countries. To our knowledge, the Drug Free World program "Truth About Drugs" is the world wide largest and most accepted drug prevention education program. 

Getting The DVDs to Your Classroom

See School Requests to apply for a free DVD and online lesson plan to be sent to your school today. 

Where funding is a challenge, we encourage those communities to apply for a grant to further drug education to it's members, and to it's community at large.

Our Grant Review Panel will consider sponsorship in whole or in part, for any community based initiative to education it's community on drugs. We will work with you to help ensure that you have all the materials and resources you may need to safeguard your community with the truth about drugs.

Please contact us for materials, presentations, or grant applications as below:

The truth about drugs educational materials:

Truth About Drugs Presentations:

Community Activities in Canada

The Community Drug Education Program is Canada wide. Through partnering with many individuals, groups and associates we've educated hundreds of thousands of Canadian students on the real dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Boy Scouts in Pakistan with Narconon drug education booklets

Our objective is to provide broad drug education and awareness and therefore engaging the community with common knowledge about the facts on drugs, abuse and personal values to prevent experimentation and misuse. 

Through numerous community programs and activities, Narconon Vancouver Society staff and partners, in conjunction with many others from various social service programs, bring the message of being drug-free to those around them. narconon drug-free driving campaign in South Africa

Our activities span from attending local health fairs anywhere we can get the message out, we do. Narconon Vancouver Community Drug Education primarily works with schools and community centers across every province of Canada. 

In this way, anyone who is interested in keeping kids off drugs and eliminating the scourge of drug abuse in their community can join us in our efforts. To find out how you can get involved, contact us at, or call (604) 873-1762.

Community Drug Education Programs in Canada 2015

In 2015 the Community Drug Education Program recorded a record 70,363 kids receiving drug prevention education through 489 schools in Canada. Our focus in 2016 will be to engage the community and individuals to sponsor drug prevention education programs to reach more schools and therefore more kids.

Community Education Projects in Canada 2014

In 2014 we sent out an additional 52 DVDs to Canadian Schools free of charge. 

School Teachers Provided with Effective Prevention Education Tools:

Today, 483 Canadian schools are using 585 DVD Drug Prevention Education programs across all 10 provinces of Canada. The great majority of teachers and counsellors reported they and their kids really liked the video presentations and Teacher's Lesson Plans donated to their schools through the Community Drug Education Program, sponsored by Narconon Vancouver Society. 

Preventing Addiction Using 'The Truth About Drugs'

An estimated 69,385 kids received drug education in 2014 from programs directly sponsored by Narconon Vancouver Society through the Community Drug Education Program. 

The Community Drug Education Program is a community initiative intending to see what positive effects good willed individuals can create on a community and on the future leaders of our country. 

Creating A Foundation of Drug Prevention Education in Canadian Schools 2012

In 2012 we sent out 281 DVDs to Schools across Canada.

The Total number of schools with DVDs (1 or more): 317

Total estimated # of Students receiving Drug Education programs via DVDs: 27,577. While this statistic only measures those schools reporting to us, we suspect the numbers are in reality much greater than we are currently reporting. To read Teacher Reviews select link.

Students received Drug Ed sponsored through the Community Drug Education Program Narconon Vancouver Society has forwarded programs to all 10 provinces of Canada! We are truly delivering drug ed to students right across Canada! To request DVD prevention education and lesson plans select link

We learned long ago that alcohol and other drug abuse affect not just the individual, but the family, the school, the community, the nation -- it has become a global scourge.

The problems of a recovering drug addict are very different than those of a young person wavering in his decision about whether or not he should abstain from drugs. The problems of our communities dealing with increasingly drug-prone cultures escalate in complexity.

However, let us be honest -- something can be done. When communities and professionals and volunteers all pull together, what we do works.

The network of Narconon drug rehabilitation and drug prevention centers spans six continents. For decades we have worked with you in your community, your school or college, with young persons in the military, the police, inside jails and juvenile halls, and with inmate-release. In big, city-wide events and with individual mentoring and tutoring. The list is extensive.

Our purpose is to discover new ideas and more energy, more connections, new relationships — we can do more. We can help you. You can help us. There are so many lives to save or to keep healthy and happy.

If we pull together.

Enjoy this celebration of good works. It is good news where good news is needed.

Do let us know if you would like our help, or if you yourself would like to contribute or volunteer.

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